Can you connect the KODAK Solar Products inverters to the grid?

The KODAK Solar Products OG inverters are designed specifically for your off-grid PV system needs and are not intended to be connected to the grid. Thus, these units do not comply with the NRS 097 standards, which the City of Cape Town and other energy distribution companies require for grid-connected inverters.

OG inverters are not only perfect for installations where no grid is present, but they also suit locations where it is too costly to install a grid cable, such as agricultural spaces in the bushveld and lodges or camps.


Advantages of the KODAK Solar Products OG models include:

• Battery management system communications for optimal management and control.

• Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling wireless remote monitoring.

• A power range of up to 60kW in single or three-phase configurations.

• Compatibility with a wide range of batteries.

• Generator compatibility, which you can learn more about in the KODAK Solar Products application note.

• Zero-millisecond changeover times for a true uninterruptible supply (OG-Plus inverters).


There are various models for you to choose from in the KODAK Solar Products OG range, with inverters ranging from 3kW up to 10kW that can further be expanded up to 60kW – ensuring you can choose the best possible solution for an array of project requirements.

So, use the KODAK Solar Products application guide to find the right OG inverter for your next off-grid installation today!

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