Grid-Tied Solutions .

Put simply, grid-tied is a solar system tied in with the grid and in most provinces that offer credit to residential and business customers who are making excess electricity with their solar panel systems and sending it back to the grid.

The Advantages.

What are the benefits of choosing Grid-Tied?

Grid-Tied can save homeowners thousands of rands on their utility bills every year, so it’s a good reason to make the money saving choice and go solar sooner rather than later.

How does Grid-Tied work?

When you have a rooftop solar system, it can often generate more electricity than you consume during daylight hours.

With a grid-tied system, the homeowner has the option of sending electricity back to the grid.

When your house or business is grid-tied, you may get a credit to hedge against the electricity you use from the grid when it’s not sunny or at nighttime. The excess energy generated gets put back to the grid.


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