Off-Grid Solutions .

There are panels that are used to collect the sun’s energy. Once the initial energy is collected it is then sent to a solar inverter which then sends the power to a battery inverter.

​From there it will use energy to power electronics that are in your home. In the end, whatever green energy is created and is not used goes to the battery bank. This is a personal battery that saves power for the home to use at night or on days that are cloudy and overcast.

The Advantages.

What are the benefits of choosing Off-Grid?

It can minimize carbon footprint, just like any other renewable energy sources (like wind turbines, geothermal power sources, and many others).

This system will help you save on electricity costs.

The off-grid solar system design can act as a storage for energy (like batteries) to be later used as backup power for houses.

How does Off-Grid work?

The off-grid systems rely on a battery to save all the power created just for that one household or building. An on-grid solar system is the opposite.

Any power that is created by that home or buildings solar panels is sent to an electricity grid where anyone who is also connected to that same grid can use that energy.

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