1 x Sunsynk 5kW and 1 x Pylontech UP5000 4.8kWh Battery Combo Special

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The Sunsynk hybrid Inverter is the ideal inverter for managing power flow from multiple sources such as solar, main electrical grid and generator. This inverter is user friendly providing the following options and features

  • Dual MPPT design
  • Compatible with most Lithium-ion batteries and Lead Acid batteries
  • Mobile App for monitoring
  • Anti-islanding protection
  • Automatic switching from Grid-Tied to Off-Grid mode
  • Zero export function
  • Up to 16 units can be paralleled
  • Essential and Non-Essential Loads outputs

The BSL Battery delivers safe lithium phosphate energy storage solutions in standard lead-acid battery sizes for a wide variety of applications. The BSLB LiFePO Battery Energy Storage System is a family of battery modules and accessories. The battery family is designed as a drop-in replacement for similar sized lead-acid batteries offering twice the run-time and nearly half the weight. The battery series is designed for lower voltage, lower power and longer run-time applications. They are built with LFP Technology that offers outstanding intrinsic safety and excellent float and cycle life resulting in low cost of ownership.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4)
  • Currently the safest lithium technology
  • Excellent resistance to abuts
  • Less than 3% self discharging
  • Maintenance-free, modular, and lightweight
  • Up to 60% weight saving
  • Battery monitoring storage history
  • Built in safety protection
  • Quality guarantee
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • 15-18 Years Designed service life

DATA SHEET Pylontech UP5000

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