120AH 12V Discover EV31A-A Inverter Battery

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Most deep cycle VRLA batteries are constructed using an ABS case. Discover D27 and D31 batteries use a PP (Polypropylene) case, which is the same material used to build automotive batteries, hence has superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties along with it offers very good resistance to heat distortion and a high resistance to chemicals making it suitable for under the bonnet applications.
Features & Benefits:

  • TTP welds (Through the Partition) for lower internal resistance and improved heat resistance with high impacted reinforced polypropylene (PP) cases with flat top design
  • Improved vibration protection
  • Suitable for under the bonnet applications
  • Superior charge acceptance
  • Special grid alloy and paste formula for reduced self-discharge and extended runtime and cycle life performance
  • Lighter weight due to use of PPE cases and intercell welding
  • Improved deep cycle plates
  • Gas recombination technology for zero off gassing
  • Stronger and more ergonomic molded carry handles providing improved safety
  • Improved safety by addition of Flame arrestors



Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 30 cm


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