Axpert Max 11Kw 1 Phase with 2 x Narada 100AH Energy Battery 4.8KW 48V Lithium ion

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This part is a special offer made up of the following items:

2 x Narada 100AH Energy Battery 4.8kW 48V Lithium ion
1 x Axpert Max 11Kw 1 Phase inverter


• Dual outputs for smart load management
• Maximum PV input current 27A
• Wide PV input voltage range 90VDC ~ 450VDC
• Customizable status LED bar with RGB lights
• Built-in wifi for mobile monitoring (Android/iOS Apps are available)
• Supports USB On-the-Go function
• Reserved communication port for BMS (RS485, CAN-BUS or RS232)
• Replaceable fan design for ease of maintenance
• Battery independent design
• Configurable AC/PV output usage timer and prioritization
• Selectable high power charging current
• Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers
• Compatible to Utility Mains or generator input
• Built-in anti-dust kit
• Parallel operation up to 6 units


If a battery bank is too small for the inverter rating it can lead to several issues. Ensure battery size is = or larger than inverter size
• Now with can bus communication to Sunsynk inverters.

  • Unplanned system shut-downs
    • Damage to sensitive equipment
    • Damage to system equipment
    • System not working at all
    • System not meeting expectations
    • Shortened lifespan of equipment
    • System Expansion is limited to 6 units in parallel

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