GITER 5.04kWh Lithium-ion battery module 48V


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The Giter G5040-48 is the perfect entry level Li-ion battery for any small-medium residential installations. 

    • Modular design, parallelable up to 6 batteries for a total of 30.24kWh
    • Easy to install & low cost 
    • 5 Year product warranty
    • Compatible with 48V Kodak & Sunsynk Inverters
    • DoD of 95% and a charge/discharge power of 2500W

    Please use Giter-RS-3M cable for BMS communication.


These batteries are not cross-compatible with other Giter models. They can only be paralleled with other G5040-48 batteries



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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 15 cm


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