Kodak 4.94kWh 48V Battery Module

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The BL5.0 Kodak battery is a high performance, 4.94kWh, scalable battery module perfect for expanding systems. A Single BL5.0 battery module allows up to 7500W of continuous discharge power. This means only one BL5.0 battery module is required for a 5-8kW inverter or only two required for a 15kW inverter.

The battery has up to 6000+ cycles depending on the DoD of the battery.*

  • 1.5 C industry leading discharge C- rating allows single battery deployments for 7+kW inverter systems
  • 4.94 kWhrs capable of 15 units in parallel totaling 74.1 kWhrs
  • RS485 and CAN communication ensures full compatibility with KODAK and Sunsynk
  • Industry leading 95% DOD allowing for more useable capacity from the battery
  • 10 year standard warranty
  • Cross compatible with Kodak BL3.6 batteries 


  • 150A / 70V – 6 high current connections
  • 250A / 70V – 4 high current connections
  • 600A / 70V – 8 high current connections and 8 low current connections 

Due to the high discharge power of the BL5.0 Kodak battery, it is highly recommended to use bus bars for the battery connections.

Cycle life depends on DoD set via inverter.

80% DoD @ 25°C = 6000 cycles.

Up to 95% DoD @ 25°C = 3600 cycles.


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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 15 cm


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