Parallel Connection Expansion Battery 20.2kWh for SMILE5

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2 x ALPH-SMILE-BAT-10.1P Parallel Connection Expansion Battery 10.1kWh for SMILE5 – IP21


The Alpha SMILE-BAT-10.1P is a 10.1kWh expansion battery module compatible with Alpha ESS SMILE5 Hybrid inverter.

Up to 6x Alpha SMILE-BAT-10.1P expansion battery modules can be connected in parallel to SMILE5 Hybrid inverter giving total capacity of 60.6kWh.

Market leading quality, without the corresponding price tag, the Alpha SMILE storage systems offer cloud monitoring, modular format for expansion at a later date, 96% DoD, superb performance and long lifespan.

This battery comes with 10 Year Warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: As per Alpha ESS Warranty document “It is required that all systems to have internet connection for monitoring. For those systems that are not connected to the internet the warranty is then reduced to 3 years. “


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Dimensions 120 × 80 × 20 cm


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