Solis 110kW 5G 3 Phase 10x MPPT – DC

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Product Features:

  • Max. 13A per string (26A per MPPT), 150% DC overloading capability
  • 10 individual MPPT, lower mismatch loss
  • Efficient logic algorithm, over 99% max. Efficiency
  • String monitoring, shorter O&M time
  • Remote & local intelligent IV scan function
  • Leakage current repression technology
  • Volt-watt work mode integrated
  • DC input reverse alarm
  • Optional anti-PID function integrated
  • Reactive power compensation function
  • Integrated AFCI (DC arc-fault circuit protection)
  • Type ll surge protection for DC and AC


South Africa: Please note that with immediate effect all 110K inverters, or any combination of inverters where the total parallel power is equal to or exceeding 100KW must be set with a ramp up rate of 10%/1 minute. This is as per NRS097-2-1:2017 – Annex G1.3. A firmware upgrade is required, the manufacturer should have this firmware upgrade available in November 2022.

SA: NRS-097-2-1 Certified

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Dimensions 100 × 60 × 50 cm


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